Car Talk

4 Nov

When I was a kid, every saturday at 10am our father would have the radio tuned to the local public radio station to listen to Car Talk. Today the world lost one of the iconic hosts of that show- Tom … Read More »

Fall is here.

15 Oct

It’s officially fall here in Oregon. The leaves are changing, the rain is back, and the temps are dropping fast. We fired up the Vermont casting wood stove for this first time this weekend. I need to make it a … Read More »

Smokey sunset

15 Sep

          A rather large brush fire continues to burn outside of Estacada. It’s making for some beautiful sunsets, hazy days, and a light sprinkling of ash covering everything. It’s going to rain this week, let’s hope … Read More »


14 Sep

For the past several weeks, I have been trying to think of a good “First Post” and thus far have failed miserably. So let’s start with something simple. One of the beautiful sunsets from our view of the Willamette River. … Read More »

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