DIY Lightbox

27 Jan

For christmas this year, I made my mom a 12″x18″ Cherry light box, or tracing box. It was a pretty simple project and don’t tell her, but I knocked it out on the 24th. Haha. This is just a quick recap and by no means a detailed instruction set.


(1) 12×18 sheet 1/4 Acrylic sheet

(1) 12×18 sheet white diffuser material

(1) 12×18 sheet backer (I used 1/4″ plywood)

(1) 3/4″x5″x8ft cherry or board of your choice.

(1) Spool LED strip from Amazon + power supply


Hot glue gun, table saw, router, drill. (Jointer and planer optional).

Start by rough dimensioning the materials.




Next, cut a rabbit to recess the diffuser + acrylic top. I made mine so that it sat flush with the top edge. I also cut a matching rabbit for the backer board.


For the corner joints, I made a quick box joint jig for my table saw. This is optional and more for aesthetics then anything. Side note: the joints were so tight I did not bother glueing or nailing the finished joints. I did glue/nail the bottom panel on though.


The finished box joints.


Now that I knew how the joints would turn out, I cut my sides to final dimensions. Perfect fit. Time for some lights.





Done! I don’t have any good pictures of the chamfer or finish, but you get the point :).



I bought enough material to make two. Hopefully it will get some good use.




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