Furniture for 2014 SJA Auction

1 Dec

This year, I decided to make two pieces of furniture for our son Skyler’s school auction. I wanted to do something different. The base cash donation seemed so, well, impersonal. When I attended SJA, I had two great teachers that encouraged my creative side. From art projects, to a building a loom (or two), to a set of outdoor benches that as a class were decorated and sold at the auction. So in this spirit, and with the recent completion of our woodworking shop, I decided to make a blanket chest and dresser.


I will fill in more details if I have time. It was a fun project, but like most, I wish I had more time to work on it. I left the pieces 90% done- ready to be painted any color and add your own hardware. Though I’m not sure that made it on the donation form. There’s a off cut or two, a nail hole I probably missed while filling and sanding, but it adds character. I hope they will last a lifetime for someone. If not, it was still more fun to make them, then to just donate cash.





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