The loft.

1 Dec

Now that the shop has passed it’s final inspection, it’s time to modify it. We built this shop extra tall for two reasons: Storage and more storage. If there is one thing we will never have enough of, it’s time. If there’s one thing that can help us not waste what free time we have, it’s being organized. With the machine tools being migrated over to the new shop, I made the decision that we needed to get the loft built now, before the space started filling up and making it even harder to construct.

Last weekend, two work colleges came by and helped me get the support wall built. It’s overkill with 2×8 studs, 1/2″ sheathing, and 1/2″ wedge anchors holding it into the concrete, but I will never had to worry about it failing.  IMG_6569

Over the next few nights after work, I added the hangers and joists. This weekend, with my dad’s help, we installed the 3/4 plywood flooring. All I can say is wow. This has not drastically changed the space (in a good way), but the shear amount of storage space we have now is amazing. I can’t wait to get the ladder and railing up.

I have to hold off moving too much up there for just a bit- only because I want to finish insulating the walls before we start filling it up.

IMG_6620 IMG_6622 IMG_6623


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